Soojin Forces Herself On Suho While The School Finds Out About Joo Kyung’S Past In Episode 12 Of True Beauty

Episode 12 of True Beauty marks the turning point of the drama as Joo Kyung's past is revealed to lớn her entire school by Soo Jin.

Soojin forces herself on Suho while the school finds out about Joo Kyung’s past in episode 12 of True Beauty

Soojin forces herself on Suho while the school finds out about Joo Kyung’s past in episode 12 of True Beauty

Episode 12 of True Beauty is the climax that everyone has been dreading. Soo Jin has finally made up her mind about making Joo Kyung uncomfortable & revealing her bare face to everyone in the school while also trying to force Suho to lượt thích her by showing how “worthless” Joo Kyung is.

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Throughout the episode, Soo Jin is conspiring with Joo Kyung’s bullies from her former school in order to get evidence lớn expose Joo Kyung’s real face. She exchanges pictures of Seojun khổng lồ receive the video clip of Joo Kyung getting bullied (as we saw in the first episode) as well as other photos of her bare face. The next day, the pictures are everywhere with all the students now looking at Joo Kyung with contempt, or at least that’s what it feels like to her.

The bullies also tell Seojun all about her past & even show him a picture of her from when she used khổng lồ go to her old school. However, Seojun is not the least bit bothered và tells them that no matter how Joo Kyung looks, she’s still much better than them, breaking her phone in the process. Suho tries khổng lồ convince Joo Kyung that it’s alright but she cannot hold herself together anymore. The threat of the past repeating itself looms way too large. Soo Jin has turned her back và Soo Ah seemed quite upset at the revelation as well which would mean that Joo Kyung has effectively lost her friends. However, Soo Ah might be upset at her for hiding the painful past from her despite being best friends and not because of how she looked. One thing is for certain, Suho và Seojun are ready at all times lớn lend her their full support.

At the same time, Suho might be finally opening up about dealing with his feelings towards his father & Seojun and he are growing closer once again, signalling a return khổng lồ the old days.

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Will Joo Kyung be able lớn handle the consequences of this revelation? Will all her friends & classmates turn on her or will they embrace her as she is, proving lớn her that she’s worthy of love regardless of how she looks with or without makeup? Stay tuned to lớn find out!

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Episode 1Su-Jin is introduced khổng lồ Ju-Gyeong. She’s “the goddess” of Sae Bom High School. She initially says she can’t go to lớn the arcade after school because she has to lớn study, but ends up going anyway. Later Su-Ah tells Ju-Gyeong that Su-Jin doesn’t respond khổng lồ messages much. The assumption is that it’s because she’s studious and not checking her phone. Much later, there’s a suggestion that her father goes through her phone.


Episode 2 Su-Jin’s ease with Su-Ho. Stark contrast lớn how everyone else treats him.Su-Jin notices perv trying lớn take photos up Ju-Gyeong’s skirt. Not only calls him out, but when he hurries off the bus, she follows. Proper chase & at the end, she catches him. Later tells Ju-Gyeong she hadn’t noticed Ju-Gyeong on the bus until she noticed the perv — it’s like she’s got a radar for abusive men.When wild rumours are floating about Seo-Jun having beaten some kid, Su-Jin clears the air and tells her friends that he was out of school because his mother was unwell. During Su-Ah và her boyfriend’s 100 days’ celebration, Su-Jin is the only one who has a normal reaction (i.e. Eye-rolling và WTF expression).


Episode 3Su-Jin gets a message from her father about meeting (a teacher is coming over for dinner). She goes to bathroom & washes hands manically. Two other girls (extras) in the bathroom look properly weirded out by how compulsively and violently she’s washing her hands. At one point, she raises her hands to lớn her face và smells them. Her face wrinkles with distaste. She washes her hands more. When Ju-Gyeong is running around like a headless chicken, Su-Jin misunderstands & thinks Seo-Jun is ragging her. She goes to the place where Seo-Jun and his boys hang out và tells them to lớn stop bothering Ju-Gyeong.

Episode 4Su-Ho & Su-Jin — ranked 1 & 2 in class — are asked to lớn solve a maths problem on the board. Su-Ho solves it a little quicker than Su-Jin and you can see she’s upset by this. Later, she asks Su-Ho to lớn join their study group, saying her mother’s been nagging her to lớn study with Su-Ho. He tells her to lớn lie lớn her mother.Su-Jin khổng lồ Su-Ho: “At my house, your scores matter the most after mine.”Su-Jin to Su-Ho: “Don’t vì better than me. Vị just enough.” In the bathroom, all Ju-Gyeong can see is the easy freedom that Su-Jin enjoys of being beautiful — she can wash her face without needing to think of what it will reveal. Meanwhile, Su-Jin asks Ju-Gyeong when she became friends with Su-Ho, after noticing Su-Ho made an effort lớn explain some maths lớn her. It isn’t insecurity or jealousy at this point, but just curiosity, which makes sense since Su-ho is so reserved.

Episode 5Su-Jin tells Seo-Jun lớn stop bothering Ju-Gyeong (Seo-Jun’s been flirting with her — because he’s cottoned on to Su-Ho’s liking her — & the school is loving the spectacle. Ju-Gyeong just wants to blend in & not stand out, so Seo-Jun’s antics bother her). On the bus, Ju-Gyeong notices Su-Jin’s hands are painfully chapped. She doesn’t push Su-Jin for an explanation, but gives her a quick massage with some moisturiser. It’s a very sweet, caring moment (and you can see Ju-Gyeong is her father’s daughter). Yon pa bully gets on to lớn bus right after & seems khổng lồ recognise Ju-Gyeong. Ju-Gyeong freezes, but Su-Jin steps in between the two of them — literally — & saves Ju-Gyeong. At the bus stop, Su-Jin asks what happened on the bus, but Ju-Gyeong can’t bring herself to lớn admit lớn the bullying. Su-Jin does seem to guess though — “They act obnoxious if you come off scared. Next time, come off stronger, ok?” she tells Ju-Gyeong. Su-Jin also scares the girl who has been bullying Go-Woon.


Episode 6Su-Jin and Ju-Gyeong talk about their fathers after getting their kiểm tra results. Su-Jin says she’s jealous of the relationship Ju-Gyeong has with her father. She smiles when Ju-Gyeong says there’s nothing to envy since her father’s unemployed and the reason that her family’s lost all their money. First time we see Su-Jin’s father hit her. It’s clearly not the first time he’s hit her. Su-Jin’s mother stands behind father. Su-Jin’s father: “You think I invested in you to lớn see these grades? can’t even beat that vulgar family’s son. You think you’ll be able lớn go lớn medical school at Seoul University?” (Grades — Su-Jin’s ranked second. Vulgar family — He’s talking about Su-Ho. Old notion of class versus new money. The obsession with getting into a đứng đầu university — adding an Asian obsession lớn the American high school drama.)The whole world lands up at the noraebang to save Ju-Gyeong, and Su-Jin clearly relishes beating the crap out of the thugs.


Episode 7Su-Jin can’t go for baseball trò chơi because she has khổng lồ attend tutoring. It sounds dedicated, but we now know that studying is what she does because she’s terrorised by her father. Lovely mix of scenes where Su-Jin and Ju-Gyeong hang out and get to lớn know each other a little better. Su-Jin admits to stealing alcohol from her father’s drinks’ cabinet — is it innocent curiosity or is she drinking to giảm giá with the abuse at home? Ju-Gyeong seems very innocent in contrast. Su-Jin tells Ju-Gyeong that when she gets stressed — mostly because of her grades, which aren’t good enough for her parents — she washes her hands manically. “I need to lớn fix it, but it’s not going well. … My pride will get hurt, so don’t tell anybody.” (Su-Jin to Ju-Gyeong) First indication that she’s struggling to handle the abuse. Su-Jin tells Ju-Gyeong that she’s the only friend who knows about the hand-washing, which is definitely a sign of their friendship deepening but also an indication of Su-Jin beginning lớn spiral?


Su-Jin self-sabotages & does relatively badly on a test. Her rank slips and a teacher gently points out that there is an obvious pattern to lớn her mistakes. Su-Jin seems lớn have gone deliberately haywire after completing half the thử nghiệm perfectly — it’s like a foreshadowing of what her character does on the show too. Rather than respond lớn the teacher’s concern, Su-Jin runs away. She bumps into Su-Ho on the way out of the staff room and he notices she’s disturbed. Su-Ho: What’s wrong?
Su-Jin: Don’t know. You’re annoying. At home, we see Su-Jin’s mother nursing her. Su-Jin’s father has obviously hit her again. Her mother asks if Su-Jin has a boyfriend và it’s almost as though that would be an acceptable explanation for her “bad” grades. Her mother is also upset that he hit Su-Jin’s face (suggesting that earlier, he was hitting her where the bruises wouldn’t show?). She tells Su-Jin that he’s hitting her because Su-Jin’s rank keeps slipping. Su-Jin walks out. Su-Jin bumps into Su-Ho at the mall và she pretty much shows him her bruise, only khổng lồ realise Su-Ho knows her father has been hitting her. She didn’t expect that he’d know it’s been going on for years. She lashes out at him (because he thinks he knows what’s going on with her but still hasn’t done anything concrete?): “You’re so annoying. You don’t know anything. But I’m always struggling to bởi better than you. I can’t take it anymore! It pisses me off! Everything pisses me off! It pisses me off that I’m always compared khổng lồ you. I really don’t think I can bởi this anymore. Why do you have to go to the same school as me? Why don’t you transfer?” Second sign that she’s spiralling. Neither of them realise Ju-Gyeong has seen them hugging.

Episode 8Su-Jin being gooseberry while Su-Ho and Ju-Gyeong make eyes at one another. The crush on Su-Ho seems a little sudden, as though he’s become her knight in shining armour after that incident in the mall.

Episode 9Su-Jin bumps into barefaced Ju-Gyeong and Ju-Gyeong tells her the whole backstory. Su-Jin is entirely lovely and supportive. It’s adorable how she literally holds Ju-Gyeong close to her heart lớn protect her. Su-Jin figures out Su-Ho & Ju-Gyeong are dating.

Episode 10Su-Jin tells Ju-Gyeong she likes Su-Ho và also gives Ju-Gyeong a scrunchie (it’s a token of their friendship. They’ll both have the same scrunchie). However, when Su-Jin is alone, her face is just a cold mask of evil. It’s lượt thích a switch has been flipped.

Episode 11Ju-Gyeong tells Su-Jin that she likes Su-Ho (but not that they’re actually dating). Su-Jin’s response is what you’d expect from a friend. She says she’s hurt, but she’ll get over it. “I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt. It does hurt … Don’t be too sorry for me.” It seems like she’s reminding herself as much as Ju-Gyeong that she and Su-ho are old friends, that he’s like an anchor for her. New girl in Sae Bom High School is from Yon Pa, và used khổng lồ be the other kid that the bullies picked on. When Su-Jin catches the new girl sneaking photographs of Ju-Gyeong, it’s difficult to tell if this is Su-Jin looking out for Ju-Gyeong (like with the perv who was photographing her on the bus) because there’s something sinister about Su-Jin now. Scene in the stairwell is lượt thích a repeat of the scene at the mall, except this time it’s Su-Ho being comforted by Ju-Gyeong & Su-Jin is the eavesdropper. We’re supposed to cảnh báo the contrast — Ju-Gyeong decided khổng lồ step aside when she thought Su-Ho và Su-Jin were together, but Su-Jin flips out.

Episode 12Su-Jin’s father hits her for leaving her study session lớn see Su-Ho in hospital. It seems khổng lồ be the first time that she dares to meet his eyes when he’s in a rage. Su-Jin realises Ju-Gyeong is uncomfortable around the new girl & starts engineering awkward situations for Ju-Gyeong. It’s as though Ju-Gyeong feeling weak is making Su-Jin feel powerful. The scene in which Su-Jin brings the new girl to lớn the lunch table is very unsettling. They were all similarly welcoming & friendly khổng lồ Ju-Gyeong when she first joined Sae Bom High so there’s no reason lớn suspect any malice và yet Su-Jin is doing this for all the wrong reasons. When their paths cross with the Yon pa bullies, Ju-Gyeong’s first reaction is khổng lồ run away. It’s when she decides khổng lồ come back lớn save the new girl that Su-Jin realises these girls are Ju-Gyeong’s old demons. In this scene, Su-Jin is still Ju-Gyeong’s protector & once again, stands between Ju-Gyeong & the bully, but later Su-Jin starts talking to the bully. It’s almost like they’re becoming friends. Su-Jin starts taking photos of Ju-Gyeong for the Yon page authority bully.Su-Jin steals the necklace that Su-Ho gave Ju-Gyeong.Su-Ho confronts Ju-Gyeong and she admits that she would rather “abandon” Ju-Gyeong than “lose” Su-Ho. She also throws the necklace into the conveniently-located fire when Su-Ho makes it clear that he’s not interested in Su-Jin in romantically. After Su-Jin meets the Yon page authority bully, a đoạn clip of barefaced Ju-Gyeong being bullied in Yon page authority goes up on the school’s message board. Su-Jin doesn’t seem at all bothered và it’s obvious khổng lồ the audience that she’s the one behind it. It’s a horrible thing lớn do, but how often do you see a soap opera in which a girl being bullied is given more emotional heft than the male lead suffering a car accident?

Episode 13Su-Jin’s reading the comments under the video clip of Ju-Gyeong & one of them points out that this is cyberbullying. She’s sitting at a mirror và avoiding her own reflection. Su-Ho starts ignoring Su-Jin in school. Ju-Gyeong goes to lớn talk to lớn Su-Jin và standing at the gate of her house, she asks Su-Jin lớn deny that she uploaded the video. Su-Jin tells her she can’t stand to see Su-Ho with Ju-Gyeong and she hopes Ju-Gyeong will transfer out of Sae Bom the way she’d run away from Yon Pa. The phrasing seems very similar khổng lồ Su-Jin lashing out at Su-Ho and asking him to lớn leave in Episode 7.

Episode 14When Ju-Gyeong comes khổng lồ school barefaced, Su-Jin is furious. In the bathroom, she attacks Ju-Gyeong và the setting is a reminder of how Su-Jin had been with Go-Woon’s bully. Back then, she’d used violence — she almost kicked the younger girl — as a threat and now she’s attacking Ju-Gyeong using words instead of kicks. In both instances, it’s Su-Jin trying lớn feel powerful by threatening someone else và you realise what a massive difference details (like age and attitude of the opponent) have lớn a power nguồn balance. Su-Ah bursts into the bathroom and says she can’t believe that not only would Su-Jin upload that video, but she isn’t apologising even now. Park Yoo-Na’s subtle expressions when Su-Ah says “Kang Su-Jin, you’re seriously the worst” are brilliant. Park gets the desperation và fragility of Su-Jin’s character beautifully. Su-Ah: I thought you would be sorry. I was waiting for you to lớn apologise khổng lồ her. But is this the kind of person you are?
Su-Jin: Yes. This is who I am. (Once again, there’s a mirror & she’s avoiding her reflection. Contrast to when she’s washing her hands & seeing herself in the mirror.)Su-Jin bumps into Su-Ho & this time, he doesn’t ignore her. Instead, he asks her what’s wrong và why she’s acting in this way. He also asks if Su-Jin’s father has been hitting her again. She hates him trying lớn be considerate and tells him khổng lồ back off. Su-Jin is now entirely alone. Su-Jin has a face-off with her father và he demands to see her phone. She has a hysterical reaction that makes her parents take a step back. It’s a heartbreaking mix of the energy that comes from complete desperation and helpless rage. Even though she’s stopped her father from hitting her at that moment, this doesn’t feel lượt thích a display strength. This is Su-Jin falling apart. When she comes lớn school the next day, there’s a cut on her lip. Clearly, the reprieve that her hysterics had got her were temporary & her father’s abuse is getting worse. On the school message board, an anonymous poster has exposed Su-Jin và now the whole school knows what she did lớn Ju-Gyeong. The reactions are mostly of contempt. It’s not that they think she’s actually scary. She’s just “pitiful”. Su-Jin runs out of the classroom and Ju-Gyeong follows her. Ju-Gyeong takes Su-Jin’s hand — a hand that Su-Jin keeps washing; a hand that Ju-Gyeong once moisturised because it hurt her lớn see Su-Jin in pain — & asks her khổng lồ put this all in the past and start again, but Su-Jin rejects Ju-Gyeong. Su-Jin: “Do you think I’ll hold on khổng lồ your hand? Did you believe you and I could go back lớn how we were?” She walks away, turns a corner and breaks down in tears. Crouching behind a bush, she’s like a hunted, hurting animal.

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