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Erik"s real name is Le Trung Thanh, born in 1997. Erik started his singing career when he participated in the Voice Kids program 2013 (The Voice Kids 2013). Passing the Hidden Face round và choosing lớn join coach Hien Thuc"s team, Erik is highly appreciated for his voice. However, due lớn not having his own màu sắc attractive enough, Erik had to stop at the vị trí cao nhất 15 of the show.

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In addition to lớn Vietnamese Children"s Voice, Erik also participated in a number of other music contests such as: Tuong Tuong Tuo nationwide in 2013, Vietnamese Star 2014, The Winner Is in 2014... But none of them created any buzz. In the same year 2014, at the age of 17, Erik became a trainee of St.319 Entertainment, joining the group Monstar under the management of this company.

In 2016, Erik made his solo debut with his first music đoạn phim titled "After All". The tuy nhiên quickly became a craze in the Vietnamese music market during the first half of 2016. This song became a hit and has brought him fame and many awards, helping him get a nomination. Nominated for the First Dedication Award in the category of "Best New Artist" in 2016.

At the beginning of 2017, Erik and St.319 Entertainment had a conflict because of a labor contract issue. Erik decided to lớn leave St.319 Entertainment and the group Monstar to lớn become a freelance singer.

Three months later, Erik as a freelance singer collaborated with singer Min to lớn release the MV titled "Ghen" composed by musician Khac Hung. This tuy nhiên after its release has made remarkable achievements on the music charts of Vietnam.

After leaving St.319 Entertainment, Erik joined HI Entertainment. The first hàng hóa after joining HI Entertainment was the tuy vậy "Don"t Apologize" which attracted a lot of attention from the audience.

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In 2020, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, he continued khổng lồ collaborate with singer Min to release the tuy nhiên "Ghen teo Vy" to lớn promote epidemic prevention. The tuy vậy not only quickly caused a fever with Vietnamese audiences but also spread to lớn world television. This song was broadcast on John Oliver"s Last Week Tonight show in the US. After that, UNICEF và France"s BFMTV channel, & many international newspapers simultaneously praised this song. Thanks khổng lồ that, Erik"s name was also known around the world.

Singer Erik"s private life story

An ungrateful scandal lớn the management company

After the success of the debut MV "After all", Erik và the management company St.319 Entertainment had a conflict over a labor contract. The singer was accused of being ungrateful lớn the management company. The case dragged on and Erik eventually terminated his contract with St.319 Entertainment.

After this scandal, Erik was not allowed to lớn sing old songs again, including "After all". After leaving St.319 Entertainment and the group Monstar, the companies were afraid & did not dare khổng lồ cooperate with him, Erik"s image was also damaged & he started again with "0". However, success came lớn Erik faster than expected when soon after his name was saved with the hit "Jealousy".


Rumors of love Son Ngoc Minh - former member of V Music

Right at the time of the scandal with the management company St. 319, Erik was caught up in rumors of homosexuality, specifically male singer Son Ngoc Minh. At the time, both denied it. However, in 2019, Son Ngoc Minh suddenly posted a series of photos of messages with a person with an avatar lượt thích Erik with a confidant line expressing an unstable mood, blaming someone for taking advantage of emotions and supporting love:

"People get lớn know me, but they succeed with their hit songs, but when they leave the company, they don"t know anyone. So I introduced all of my relationships to lớn them. Good luck, they left me. Because they think they"ll be more popular, take advantage of their feelings và then stay. Actually, they"re famous và they even used me to vì chưng some truyền bá posts to lớn push me lớn the bottom of society just khổng lồ promote their products. I took all the blame on myself, at that time I was still in love, still in love, so I thought I would live like a normal person, nothing happened until they pulled me out again to continue PR." . This status line of Son Ngoc Minh caused rumors of love between him và Erik once again. However, Erik continued to lớn remain silent.

Lê trung thành với chủ (born October 13, 1997), also known by his stage name Erik, is a Vietnamese singer và dancer. He joined The Voice Kids of Vietnam in 2013 và later became a member of Monstar. He has won four nominations at the Dedication Music Award, và was the only artist nominated twice for the "New Artist of the Year" category.

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