Liam payne and cheryl cole và liam payne age gap, cheryl's tears over latest liam payne scandal

Following Phillip Schofield"s affair revelation, questions about when Cheryl, 39, and Liam Payne, 29, first met are being brought up


Cheryl is keen khổng lồ have her say over fresh speculation about her relationship with Liam Payne and their 10 year age gap

Singer-turned-actress Cheryl, 39, is facing fresh backlash over her previous relationship with ex Liam Payne, 29, and their 10-year age gap.

The former couple, who giới thiệu son Bear, six, originally met on the lent show X Factor in 2008 when 14-year-old Liam auditioned.

At the time Cheryl was married to footballer Ashley Cole, 42, và it wasn’t until năm nhâm thìn that the two got together, dating for almost two years before splitting up.

Bạn đang xem: Cheryl cole và liam payne

However, despite the very innocent journey khổng lồ their relationship, Cheryl và Liam are facing fresh scrutiny following Phillip Schofield ’s recent admission that he had an affair with a much younger colleague.

After news of the relationship broke, conversations began on Twitter with one person writing: "Cheryl met Liam Payne aged 14, và later had a kid with him."

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Cheryl is keen to lớn have her say over fresh speculation about her relationship with Liam Payne and their 10-year age gap

Someone else added: "Cheryl met Liam Payne when she was a judge on X Factor. He was 14 at the time. She went on khổng lồ have a relationship with him several years later."

“How come no one is questioning Cheryl Cole when she met Liam Payne at 14?! I don't agree with Phillip Scofield’s lies or cheating however we have to look at the bigger picture và if its questioned for a man why not a woman?!,” wrote a third social truyền thông user.

And another person asked: “What vì we think about Cheryl Cole who had a baby with Liam Payne who she’d known since he was 14? In air of Philip Schofield, obviously.”

Liam auditioned for X Factor in 2008 before shooting to fame with One Direction (

Following the fresh airing of the initial meeting, former Girls Aloud star Cheryl has reportedly spoken khổng lồ friends about having her say on the matter.

Speaking to lớn Heat magazine, the source claimed: "Cheryl fears this is going khổng lồ blow it all up for her, because no one wants to be associated with anything like that.

"She’d love nothing more than to have her say, but she knows it never comes out that way.

Cheryl was 24 when she appeared as a judge on the X Factor & met 14-year-old Liam Payne (

"For Cheryl, the 14-year-old thing is so twisted, & infuriating – she was married at the time, and there was absolutely no liên kết with Liam there at all."

Despite some people bringing up Cheryl and Liam’s first meeting, many Twitter users were quick to tư vấn the former couple.

One person wrote in their defence lớn a previous comment: “Because they had no relationship in between his auditioning & their romantic relationship years later.”

“Was she in a sexual relationship with him at 14? Was she in constant contact “guiding him” through media? Two completely different situations no comparison,” responded another user.

And a third follower commented: “Liam was 23 or 24 when he & Cheryl got together. They were public about their relationship & he is the father of her child. Its not the same at all.”

The Mirror has approached both Cheryl and Liam for comment.

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2008: A 14-year-old Liam Payne auditions for The X Factor. Cheryl (who"s judging alongside Simon Cowell và Louis Walsh) calls him "cute" & sends him through khổng lồ Boot Camp. He eventually gets cut by Simon at Judges" Houses.

Xem thêm: Khai quật 11 bức hoạ chân dung phi tần đẹp nhất trung quốc thời


14th February 2016: Liam posts a pictures of a rose on Instagram, captioning it: "Happy Valentine"s Day baby". Maybe not the most subtle thing.

24th February 2016: Cheryl posts a selfie before heading to lớn the BRIT Awards, & Liam comments on it, saying: "See you there babe". Sneaky.

26th February 2016: Liam & Cheryl are outed as "secret lovers" by The Sun. We"re on board until they then claim that Liam"s hand tattoo is actually a tribute lớn Cheryl"s rose bum inking. Maybe they both just like flowers.

27th February 2016: The pair are spotted by an eagle-eyed fan shopping at Tesco together, lượt thích actual, non-famous people.

28th February 2016: Liam confirms that #Chiam are in fact a thing by changing his Instagram profile picture khổng lồ one of him và Cheryl.

Cheryl returns the favour with a "mystery man line up" photo, taking a bit of a pop at the tabloids who have been speculating about her love life for months years decades.

8th March 2016: Liam gives a shout out lớn Cheryl on social truyền thông in honour of International Women"s Day, which is insanely cute. Sure, it"s actually a promo shot of her that he probably grabbed from Google, but hey.

9th March 2016: The pair are papped out at dinner with Cheryl"s mum, but Cheryl later sets the record straight, saying that they were all out for her assistant"s birthday, not just a "romantic dinner".

25th March 2016: Liam and Cheryl stock up on English chocolate at a siêu thị in America, meaning they probably celebrated Easter together.

17th April 2016: Cheryl is forced lớn deny rumours that she cheated on Jean-Bernard with Liam. She tweets:

29th April 2016: Liam & Cheryl head khổng lồ Las Vegas lớn watch Rihanna in concert, where a video clip of her apparently "rejecting his advances" starts doing the rounds. Considering Cheryl"s always said that Ri
Ri is her ultimate girl crush, she probably just wanted khổng lồ twerk along to lớn Work in peace.

9th May 2016: The two make their red carpet debut as a couple at the Global Gift Gala in Paris.

After receiving the Global Gift Philanthropist Award from BFF Eva Longoria, Liam congratulates Cheryl on Twitter with a sweet message:

*endless heart eyes emojis*

11th June 2016: Liam takes Cheryl as his date to his sister Ruth"s wedding - a pretty serious step in any relationship, if you ask us.

9th July 2016: Cheryl reveals that her and Liam have adopted a dog together, calling the chihuahua their "new family member".

July 2016: Rumours start to surface that Liam and Cheryl are expecting a baby together. Simon Cowell only fans the flames more thanks to lớn an interview he does with The Mirror.

He tells the paper: "Cheryl would be an amazing mum. I have seen her with my son Eric và other kids over the years & she is incredible.

"She is very good with them. I think she is in a good place in her life right now. I had dinner with her a couple of months ago with Liam and they were great."

August 2016: Cheryl goes quiet on social media for most of August, và only seems khổng lồ sporadically break her silence when she"s promoting her new fragrance, Storm
Flower Platinum
, or her collaboration with L"Oréal.

26th August 2016: It"s reported that Liam has asked One Direction bandmate Louis for "baby tips", with The Hollywood Reporter claiming: "While Cheryl và Liam won"t confirm if they are expecting a baby, Liam has been overly keen in asking Louis lots of baby-related questions of late.

"Even Louis thought it was strange himself and asked Liam if Cheryl was pregnant. Liam ducked the question, but it left Louis a little surprised that he was being quizzed about fatherhood so much." Hmmm.

13th September 2016: The Chiam pregnancy rumours go into overdrive after Cheryl appears in a L"Oréal advert. Fans are quick to claim that her "fuller face" means she"s definitely knocked up, which is just a little bit offensive.

20th September 2016: Liam posts a đáng yêu throwback selfie of him & Cheryl posing in face masks with the caption: "I miss you!.. The things you make me do. Trang chủ soon!"

22nd September 2016: Cheryl is pictured properly for the first time since the rumours of her pregnancy began. Her quảng bá team tweet a picture of her snapping a selfie, but crop the image right above her waist. Naturally, it doesn"t help with the gossip.

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